The Best Accounting Software for your Small Business

The Best Accounting Software for your Small Business

When looking for the appropriate software for your small business, what is most important is a software that is affordable, efficient and easy to use. The essential benefits of an accounting software to a small business are to increase productivity and to save time. Having considered a dozen options, I have come to the conclusion that the best accounting software for small businesses is Wave Accounting. The reason are as follows:

1. Wave Accounting is very easy to use:

Wave Accounting is an accounting software that is renowned for its ease of use. To start with, it only takes a few seconds to create your account. All you need is a valid email address. Once you have set your desired password, you can easily customize your account by providing information like your company name, business location, business type, phone number, etc The software uses all these information to create a dashboard that is best suited for your business needs.  Here is a video showing you how easy it is to use.

2. Time saving features:

Another amazing feature of Wave Accounting Software is that is saves time. The software has a lot of automated features that saves you the time and stress of managing your finances. Some of the time saving features of this software includes automatic billing and invoicing. Wave Accounting allows a small business owner to set up automatic recurring bills and invoices as well as reminders that will help you keep track of unpaid items. Another time saving feature of this software is that it automatically syncs data so that you don’t have to manually enter data yourself. The software can connect to your bank account, credit card, debit card and other online payment systems like Paypal in order to automatically import financial data.

3. Payroll Services:

Another benefit of this software is that it has an in-built payroll feature that you can use to automatically pay your staff at the end of every week or every month. This feature will make your small business more efficient.

4. Customer Support:

Wave Accounting offers customer support for small businesses that use their software. Should your software ever develop problems, you can call the Wave Accounting Company via live phone or chat and get immediate resolution to the problem.

5. Smooth Operation:

The most popular commendation for the Wave Accounting Software is its smooth operation. All accounting software claim to have a smooth operation but Wave Accounting is the best in this regard. The software screen looks very great especially the transaction and payment pages. On the software interface, there is a series of tabs which includes Dashboard, Invoices, Payments, Receipts, among others. Once you click on any, the screen appears automatically. You will never experience difficulty with the software.

Finding the Right Appointment Setting Software for Your Spa/Salon

Finding the Right Appointment Setting Software for Your Spa/Salon

Spa/salon practice management software can not only help spa/salon owners manage their businesses but also grow and expand them. Such software tools can automate all your spa/salon operations. Many hairs, nail and beauty salons, tanning centers, massage centers and day spas have benefited from their use by adding efficiency and value to their business processes. Other than being a tool for managing appointments, it also renders help in other tasks. These include tasks such as database administration on resources, staff, clients, etc. Especially in the case of appointment management software for salons, you need to know that this is a great tool for handling complex account management for even multiple sites, to know about preferences of the clients and also even gift cards.

The areas in which the software can help include:

  1. Appointment scheduling
  2. Marketing
  3. Client management
  4. Employee management
  5. Inventory management
  6. Payroll
  7. Commission calculation etc.

Naturally, there are different kinds of solutions available for the various aspects of the industry. You must carefully choose one that best suits your need. You might want the software to:

  1. Allow you to set discounts by treatments or by your clients
  2. Give you the flexibility to change prices during sales
  3. Allow your customers to book appointments online, while you get notified through emails
  4. Enable you to add specific notes to your meetings to help you serve clients better in the future
  5. Allow you to view appointments in the past, present or future
  6. Let your customers ask for specific therapist-but make it known if he/she is unavailable

Mobile Access

Additionally, you might want to access your client’s details and treatment lists from your smartphone. For this purpose the software may be integrated for such remote access so that the next time your client asks you when his/her next appointment is scheduled; you need not frantically flip through your appointment book.

Finding the Right Appointment Setting Software for Your Spa/Salon is a significant investment albeit a necessary one. Naturally, all salons are going to benefit from it; but every package is not the same. Here are some tips that can help you select the right package:

  • While all your employees might be skilled in using the scissors, not all might be computer literate. So you have to consider the level of training and support that your staff might require. Some software companies offer free training while other may charge you a usage fee.
  • If your business is open even at night, you might want to have support 24/7 so that you get help when it is needed most.
  • The pricing structures of software companies are varied. Study each one in detail to understand the differences. Some software tools allow you to track one employee but may charge for all additional ones. Some might charge a flat one-time fee while others may charge on a monthly basis.
  • You might want to consider a tool that allows you to limit access to your employees. Password-protected sections may restrict theft and employee indiscretions. Additionally, sensitive client data can also be protected using such means.
  • If marketing your business is crucial to you; you might want a package that can help customize promotions. Examples include emailing clients on their birthdays and offering them discounts or sending reminders to customers for their next massage sessions etc. All these can be very helpful in growth of your business.


Finally, don’t bother even if you are not good at handling computer or laptop as using appointment management software is not a terrible job. It is user-friendly and also so simple to understand. All that you need is only simple preparation while using it either for business purpose or personal use.